Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That Wedding (That Boy #2) by Jillian Dodd

That Wedding by Jillian Dodd
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Five/five stars!
That Wedding was holy crap amazing. I loved it so so so much! Ahh. It had me laughing, crying and everything in between. I cannot describe this awesomeness. I cannot praise Jillian Dodd enough. This was such a good book.
It’s been a while since I read That Boy, so I had totally forgotten how awesome it is to read Jillian Dodd’s writing and how awesome JJ is. I loved every singly bit of That Wedding. It made me feel happy inside.
Finally, JJ and Phillip are together! Yayayay! Now, they must work together to plan a kick-ass wedding. (Which they totally do!). Together, and with the help of close friends and family, JJ and Phillip form an even stronger bond and eventually get the blessing of Danny’s parents, Phillip’s parents and the Pastor. But, it is not without hardship. They discover new things about each other, and JJ freaks out because she thinks they are failing couple’s counselling. But, oh my God, this was a perfect book and they are perfect for each other!!!!!!
So, yeah, I really loved this book, a lot! There was a lot of sex in this book, but Jillian Dodd was very shy on details. I have no problem with sex scenes in books, don’t get me wrong, but with the amount of sex in That Wedding, I was happy with how Jillian Dodd wrote it.
The wedding was so perfect. I want to plan a wedding were everything just falls into place, just like JJ’s. Everything was so amazing and the descriptions were perfect. I even started crying a little bit! I cry a lot when I read books, I’m so lame, right?
I was devastated when the book ended! I didn’t realise it at first, I just wanted it to go on forever. I’m so glad my friend, Georgie, got me to buy the That Boy ebook. This series is so great. I keep seeing things about a third book, That Baby… Really??? I am so excited about that, oh my gosh, I hope Phillip and JJ have like a thousand kids <3 <3 <3

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