Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When Summer Ends by Isabelle Rae

When Summer Ends by Isabelle Rae

★ ★★★☆

Four/five stars

I actually really enjoyed this! Ever since reading Slammed, I have enjoyed reading teacher-student affair novels (not that any book will ever top Slammed!). Although there were some disturbing similarities between When Summer Ends and Slammed, I still loved the story line in When Summer Ends. Apart from the similarities, it was an alright book. The writing definitely needed some work but, it was a pretty reasonable novel. When Summer Ends was actually a pretty big eBook. Glad I read this!

When Chloe and Will meet at a 21+ club, they hit it off immediately; they flirt, banter and talk effortlessly. Later that night, Will asks Chloe on a date and she happily accepts. Over the holidays, Chloe and Will spend plenty of time together; getting to know each other, flirting, talking and, yes, making out! When the first day of school rolls around, Chloe is upset; she won’t have as much time to spend with Will. But at school, the news of a hot new calculus teacher has the female student body buzzing. Chloe is unfazed because she already has a hot, attentive, loyal boyfriend; so imagine her (and his!) surprise when he is her teacher. From there onwards everything between the two of them is like a rollercoaster; up and down. When there finally is balance between their lives, what could possibly go wrong?

Even though I enjoyed this book, there were some bits that annoyed me. The similarities with Slammed, was definitely one of the top issues. The main male character was called Will, as was the main male character in Slammed. The story line was very similar, too. It was a different story, but there were still some obvious similarities. The grammar, punctuation and editing was the other issue I had; it was terrible. I understand if the author doesn't have an editor because she published the book on Wattpad, but seriously, come on, I could fix the mistakes! My best friend, Georgie, could do it in her sleep! It was, in a word, shocking. Because of that I found myself not liking the book as much because I had to constantly stop and re-read the sentence, mentally correct it and try to understand it.

I thought Chloe was an ok character. She was a bit immature, whiny and blushed too much, but meh she wasn’t the worst YA character. There wasn’t anything I really hated about her, but there wasn’t much to make me like her either. She was a little bit weak at times, though she occasionally proved tough. It was confusing. Chloe was a meh character.

Will was also a meh character. I liked him mostly at first, but when the student-teacher relationship was revealed, what he did to Chloe pissed me off. He wasn’t the only one to blame! And he was rude and selfish, too. I liked him more and more after the paintball thing. But yeah, Will, too, unfortunately, was a meh character.

The book wasn’t even bad. The storyline, although not original, was interesting. The characters weren’t that bad either, they just weren’t that interesting. Overall, the book was enjoyable and I really had no problems with it (other than grammar, oh my god).

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