Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Always You by Kirsty Moseley

Always You by Kirsty Moseley

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 

Four/five stars

Always You was a quick, cute read. I read it on Wattpad, so before the book was published, which means there were some errors, but surprisingly not that many! I was impressed with this book, considering I had such high expectations for it after reading The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window (which was incredibly awesome and cute!). Always You was an enjoyable read, that had me laughing and crying.

Riley and Clay have been best friend forever. Although they are neighbours, Riley goes to a different school, until her mother and stepfather change their minds and move her to the local public school, which is where, incidentally, Clay goes too. The two have always had a close relationship; sleepovers a couple of times a week, no secrets, etc. But after Riley comes back from a long holiday, she feels a shift in their relationship. They are still as close as ever, but why is she feeling all fluttery around Clay? And why, oh why, does she feel like she wants and needs more from their relationship?

This book was cute, if cheesy. It was occasionally dramatic and melodramatic, but it was cute. The relationship between Riley and Clay was cute, although after *spoiler* they got together, their relationship progressed rather quickly. The couple dealt with drama after drama but I was definitely happy with how the book ended! *Spoiler* HAPPILY EVER AFTER YAAAY! 

I liked Riley. She was very nice and sweet and loving. With each and every drama that head her way, she dealt with it accordingly, in a responsible and mature way, which was refreshing.

Clay was alright. He was lovely to Riley, but I had a few problems with him. The fact that he slept with a thousand girls because he never thought he would be with Riley. I hate that trend in YA romance at the moment. Guys, the girls you like aren’t going to notice you or pursue you because you are a man-whole and you are constantly with a new chick each week. Us chicks will believe we are a piece of trash that you can easily throw away. Uh, hello? Not good for our self-esteem! So, Clay if you put a little bit more effect into showing Riley you like her instead of shying away and screwing heaps of other girls, you could’ve gotten Riley earlier. And also, Clay kind of had some anger/possessive issues. He wasn’t too bad, but I was still wary of it.

The book had plenty of unexpected twists and turns! Which were all very dramatic. It was definitely a page turner!

I actually really liked this book. It was so so so cute and sweet! I cried at the end because it was so beautiful and so cute!

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