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Endless (The Violet Eden Chapters #4) by Jessica Shirvington

Endless by Jessica Shirvington

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Five/five stars!

Holy! This book was epic! I have always loved this (Australian) series and was looking forward to what I thought was going to be the big finale, but I was hesitant to read Endless. Not sure why. Maybe because I was sure it was the last one and didn't want it to end, or maybe it was because of the reviews; GR friends were shocked. When I finally picked the book up, I was going on a road trip. It was a maybe four hour drive and I managed to read a fair amount of the book. I ended up reading the whole damn thing in a day. Endless was amazing (apart from odd editorial errors). It left me shocked, heartbroken and reeling. I actually have no idea what to think. This was surprising and incredible, full of many exciting twists and turns.

Violet Eden is once again caught up in the usual angel drama. On top of that, she has to protect herself, prove herself, try and kill Lilith the evil from hell and fight her un-advised feelings for Grigori partner Lincoln. Violet is stubborn and determined to fix her mistakes and try and restore as much order and peace as possible to the angel community. But with the weight of the world, literally, on her shoulders, will Violet crack? Will she, against all odds, defy the laws and kill all evil? But, most of all, will love conquer all? 

I can't believe it took me this long to read the book. It was amazing! Jessica Shirvington took readers on a ride full of dark secrets and love. I was completely captivated by this book and hardly put it down. (I have the sorest neck from reading awkwardly in a car). Wow, this was crazy and epic.

This was a breakthrough book for Violet. She showed her true warrior, fighter self. She was determined to fight and to win. I enjoyed reading from Violet's POV because she was a strong character. Sometimes she broke, but she was so stressed, and it was understandable; she may be half angel but she is still very much a human. Violet was focused on all the tasks at hand. Her only weakness, yet somehow
her strong point, was Lincoln. Their relationship was... tricky and both of them struggled. But amazingly, Violet was strong and overcame all expectations.

Lincoln was so much better in Endless! He actually gave up on trying NOT to get into a relationship with Violet. Thank God, they are so totally in love it was almost painful to read. Lincoln was also very strong in Endless too. He was devoted on looking after his Grigori "family" and Violet. I liked Lincoln so much more in Endless.

We saw a different side of Phoenix in Endless. He was ruthless, yet compassionate. At first in this book, I hated Phoenix! He was horrible. Then when we got a first proper glimpse at Phoenix, it was kind of clear what he was trying to do. It could have been a set up, but with the bond between him and Violet, he was somewhat trustworthy. There were some thing's that Phoenix did that horrified me. Those of you who have read Endless know what I'm talking about. I was pretty much hysterical!! Holy cow.

Evelyn could be a right old cow, but towards the end she finally became the motherly figure Violet, and myself, had been hoping for. There were similarities between Violet and her mother. They were both very, very determined and occasionally stubborn. Evelyn was unlikable at first, but she slowly redeemed herself.

Lilith was a stupid old Hag. She was awful; blinded by hate and revenge. What happened between her, Violet and Phoenix at the end was horrible. She just loved watching people suffer. I hated Lilith. 

"They're all insane but, Lilith... Lilith is insanity”

The fourth instalment in The Violet Eden Chapters was crazy, epic and eventful. The ending - oh my god the ending. I knew it was going to be heartbreaking and bad (in a good way) if the reviews were any indication. I was left speechless. I was an emotional mess. I had to re-read the last few pages several times to check I had read everything correctly. I refused to go to bed until I finished the book, so it took me forever the get to sleep because my mind was in overdrive. Apart from the heart wrenching ending, this book was good. There were quite a few errors though that I would've expected an editor to pick up - hell the author should have read it and picked it up. Endless is not the only book in the series that had editorial issues and typos though. 

Well apart from all of that, even though the ending wasn't bad, it was just shocking, Endless was enjoyable and I seriously cannot wait until the next books are released because I definitely need to get my hands on them!! 

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