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Breathe (Sea Breeze #1) by Abbi Glines

Breathe (Sea Breeze #1) by Abbi Glines

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 

Four and a half/five stars!!

Let me start off by saying, I LOVE ABBI GLINES. She is so brilliant! Her novels are filled with romance and fun. I just want to read all of her contemporaries! Breathe was really quite beautiful, but kinda cheesy. I could tell it was one of her first novels because of the language. She didn’t swear, didn’t use many contractions and used very formal language, which made the dialogue kind of awkward and still. But, put all of that aside, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect book! I loved it.

Sadie didn’t have the perfect childhood. In fact, she hardly had a childhood at all. Her mother, Jessica, acted like the child in the two people family, and Sadie felt the need to be the grown up in the situation. The day after school finishes for the year, when Sadie thought she would be free, her very pregnant mother, decides she can no longer work, and gives the job to Sadie. Little does Sadie know! On her first day she finds out that she is cleaning and being a servant for the family of famous rock star Jax Stone. Normally, they do not hire teenage girls because they are just trying to get Jax’s attention, but Sadie proves she is different and gets to at her mother's work. Naturally, Sadie meets Jax and is taken aback just by looking at him. He is somehow different from how he appears in all the magazines. But she knows that she cannot start loving Jax Stone and fan-girling over him because she must keep her job. Then, when Jax starts to take a more than friendly interest in Sadie, will she risk everything, even her privacy and possibly her first best friends to be with him?

I really really enjoyed this book! Probably enough to give it five stars, but there were a few minor flaws. I loved the plot and the characters. There really wasn’t anything about this book that I didn’t like; except for, maybe the writing. The writing really wasn’t bad, seriously, it wasn't. I have read other Abbi Glines books which just blew me away. The writing was amazing! So, I know that the writing in Breathe is just the way it is because it was her debut novel. So I am willing to let it slide!

The characters in this book were well developed and I loved all of them. I am especially glad that Marcus gets to have his own book, because I felt really bad for him. Marcus loved Sadie and was devastated when she chose Jax over him, but he still remained her best friend and was there for her through everything. I fell in love with Jax! Oh my God, he was so hot! Basically what every girl wants. He can sing, play guitar and knows how to sweet talk a girl and make her feel good. He was also very kind, caring and protective, but in a good way. I don’t think I will ever get a boyfriend because I read too many books and have an ideal (and unrealistic) image of a boy in my head. Anyway, I didn’t like Jessica at first because, well, she was a pretty shitty mum and pushed Sadie into being an adult too quickly, without realising it. If she was a good mother, she would have realised what she was doing, and fixed her problems and issues and become the mother Sadie always wanted. In the end, though, before she gave birth, she was concerned about Sadie and started acting like a mother, even if for a short while. After she gave birth, though, was an entirely different problem though. It was understandable, but she should have sorted herself out sooner. Although, because she didn’t sort herself did kind of give Sadie and Jax another opportunity (Oh, yeah, *spoiler* typical YA genre, they break up for a while, but it sorts itself out, never fear!!). I liked everyone Sadie worked with and I even ended up liking Jax’s brother, Jason. I fell in love with Ms.  Mary, she was like the proper mother figure Sadie never had, which made me smile. Finally, I loved Sadie. She was responsible and knew what she was doing. It’s not often you find a character like her in YA books. She was level headed and I loved her for it. She didn’t rush into things with Jax and he didn’t push her. They were a perfect couple, really and truly.

I found myself imagining Jax as Tom Cruise singing Wanted Dead or Alive shirtless and wearing cowboy boots, which was kinda disturbing, but in my defence, Abbi Glines mentioned Wanted Dead or Alive and I had recently seen the movie Rock of Ages which features Tom Cruise singing that song! I was also singing Sadie The Cleaning Lady by John Farnham, which was equally disturbing…

Also really loved the new cover! It is so much prettier than the old one. 

Anyway, I really loved this book, but minor flaws have brought my rating down. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series and more and more of Abbi Glines. Loved it!

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