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Stalk Me (Keatyn Chronicles #1) by Jillian Dodd

Stalk Me by Jillian Dodd

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 

Four/five stars

I tried to love this book, to the point of 5 stars, I really did, but there was just something about it that annoyed me. I've read That Boy and That Wedding, and I loved them. I love Jillian Dodd's unique writing style. In the That Boy series, she made me fall in love with the characters and fall into their world. But something in Stalk Me prevented me for doing that; though I'm not really sure what it was. I really do wish that I liked this book a whole lot more, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless and will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

Keatyn is not your average girl. She is the daughter of Abby Johnson, famous and most recognized actress. Her father died when she was nine, but her stepfather treated her like his own. She grew up on movie sets with her mother and stepfather and has travelled the world. Keatyn's upbringing has always included her mother, her stepfather, her step-sisters, cleaners, nanny’s and her mother’s entourage of make-up artists, hairstylists and wardrobe designers and, unfortunately creepy stalkers looking for a chance with her mum. After years and years of traveling, all Keatyn wants to do is live in a nice permanent house and go to high school. She has written the perfect script for her high school dream; she will be popular, good-looking and the best dressed, obviously. But when her high school experience isn't all it was made out to be and everything, including her friends and boyfriend feels like a sham, how will Keatyn escape the lie? And will it all be too much? How could she possible escape this mess?

I did like this book, but I don't know... Something wasn't right. I liked the story line, it was well thought out, clever and interesting. I think it was just the lifestyle; various love triangles and the characters that annoyed me.

Keatyn was alright. She was kind of annoying, spoilt, pathetic and overly dramatic. Her constant use of OHMIGAWD annoyed me so much. Who even says that? Let alone spells in like that. "Oh my god" every now and then, would have been better. It was obvious Keatyn's family had money. She has a house in France and the world’s biggest closet (full of some fabulous sounding clothes!). Keatyn wasn't spoilt as such, but she did have a lot of stuff and a lot of freedom. It kind of annoyed me how much freedom she had. Like, her parents didn’t even care that she got home at like four in the morning after a party. I understand trust, but her parents should have been more careful because they, being famous actors, understand the risks. Keatyn was kind of weak. Her supposed “best friends” of hers, were the biggest bitches I have even had the displeasure of reading about. Why, oh why, did she put up with them!? They were horrible to her. I couldn’t deal with that at all, no way in hell. Towards the end, she got a little bit stronger and kinda left behind the “bitchyness”. Anyway, Keatyn was alright. I grew to like her a lot more towards the end. Throughout the book she did sometimes seem really stupid, but sometimes she was smart.

Ok… the boys in the book. There were plenty! Cush is the first boy in Keatyn’s life that we were introduced to. He is a total player, but is a good friend to Keatyn and Sander, her boyfriend’s, best friend. Secondly, we were introduced to Keatyn’s boyfriend, Sander. I didn’t really like Sander, he seemed kinda… distant? He wasn’t a very good boyfriend. I had my suspicions about him, and in the end I was right! Then there was Brooklyn. Keatyn has loved him since she first laid eyes on him when she was 15. He has a good body, taught Keatyn to surf, is her surfing buddy, a good friend and he calls her Keats, what else could she want? Honestly? I didn’t like Brooklyn at all. He was the biggest douche. Just, urgh. After being introduced to Brooklyn, we were finally introduced to mysterious Vincent. Urgh, I don’t even know where to start with Vincent. I didn’t like him, at all. Straight from the beginning, I knew he was going to be weird. Keatyn was smart, though, and… not suspicious, as such, but wary. Of all the boys in the story, Cush was definitely my favourite. At first he came off a bit arrogant and a dick, but he was really sweet and I loved him! I felt sorry for him at the end though. *sad face*

As I’m writing this review and my best friend is reading the book, I’m realising how much I actually liked this book. There were some really… awful parts of the book that left me head desking, but other than that, I actually really enjoyed it. I love Jillian Dodd’s writing and I am definitely glad I read this book and will absolutely be reading the rest of the Keatyn Chronicles!

(Note: While writing this review, I changed my rating from 3/3.5 stars to 4 stars)

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