Monday, October 1, 2012

One Pink Line by Dina Silver

One Pink Line by Dina Silver

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 

Four/five stars

One Pink Line is an emotional story about one young girl struggling with the prospect of motherhood and a rocky love and another young girl desperately trying to discover her family roots.

After a wild, drunken night with close friends, Sydney is horrified when she realises she could be pregnant. She is especially distraught because she has unintentionally cheated on her one true high school love. So when Sydney makes a life changing decision, the full impact of what she has decided, becomes apparent; Sydney is still in college with barely enough to support herself, let alone a baby. She expects nothing from the baby daddy and her boyfriend who she cheated on. When Sydney manages to get a job and maintain her friendship with her maybe-ex-boyfriend, maybe everything will work out for her just so.

Grace believes she has the perfect family and the perfect home life. When sex-education rolls around at her school, Grace is forced to learn about the devastating shocks and revelations regarding her family and her father. But as well as that, Grace needs to learn that, although her family may not be perfect, the love is real.

One Pink Line was a beautiful, wonderful debut novel by Dina Silver! It was not something I would usually read, but I enjoyed the book nonetheless.

Sydney was a relatively likable character. She, at times, was careless and childish, but after certain experiences, she vastly matured. I admired Sydney’s courage, determination and bravery throughout the book.

There were two POV’s in this novel, one was Sydney and one was Grace, her daughter. Grace was also a likable character. Her character and personality were similar to Sydney’s. Grace’s chapters were refreshingly different after reading some of the hardships that Sydney had to experience. Grace was young, carefree and innocent.

One Pink Line was a quick, enjoyable read. I loved every moment in this book! I will be looking for more of this authors work, as her writing captivated me. 

Thank you to Createspace for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!

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