Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cinderella in Cleats by Carly Syms

Cinderella in Cleats by Carly Syms

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Two/five stars

I really don’t like giving bad reviews. I love writing the bad reviews, but I don’t like saying mean things about a book. Sadly, Cinderella in Cleats was, quite honestly, crap. After reading Catching Jordan, I really wanted to read another football book, so I chose a cheap book off Amazon. Unfortunately, Cinderella in Cleats was disappointing and horrifyingly bad. I cannot believe I put up with the crappy, non-existent plot, characters and romance.

When her father died playing football, Whitney not only lost her father, she lost her love of football and her best friend and secret crush, Jason. A couple of years later, after avoiding football and Jason, Whitney finally gives in and tries out for the school football team. When her sex comes in the way of the decision to recruit her, Whitney makes the rather abrupt decision to move schools and join another school football team. This new team and coach are a lot more welcoming than her previous school’s ones. Unfortunately, there are some unwelcoming opinions from some of the student body. So when Whitney makes several bad decisions in a row, what will everyone think of her now? And will she jeopardise her position as quarterback?

There was virtually no plot and the characters where a mess. The romance was terrible; I mean, what romance? It was stupid. There was also no obvious editing; the grammar and punctuation were that bad. I think I could've written a book with better editing. o:p>

I really did not enjoy this book and was really, very disappointed.

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