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Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1) by Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Five/five stars!

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

This was such a kick ass book. God, why didn't I read it sooner?!?!  It was absolutely brilliant. It had me laughing, cringing, sighing and sitting on the edge of my seat.

After two years on the run, Rose a Dhampir (half human, half vampire), and her Moroi (full vampire) princess best friend Lissa are caught and dragged back to St. Vladimir’s Academy. Now that they are back at the Academy, they will continue their education. For Rose that means she will start training again to be a guardian, hopefully Lissa's. And for Princess Lissa Dragomir, that means protecting the Dragomir name and being a perfect Moroi princess and royal. But after missing out on two years, how can Rose possibly catch up on guardian training? Enter super strong, super guardian and super beautiful Dimitri Belikov. He has been hired as Lissa's second guardian and Rose's extra trainer. At first, everything is purely business and bickering, but as their time together grows more frequent and less strained, will Dimitri and Rose be able to resist each other? Will Rose’s guardian job be at risk? And what will it mean for Lissa and Rose's relationship?

Vampire Academy was one of THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ. Yes, seriously. It was so wonderfully written and the characters and the plot were amazing. Everything was so well planned and thought out. I was captivated right up til the very end, and even then wanting more and more. This book is just made of pure awesomeness.

Rose was an amazing character. She was hilarious, but serious; thoughtful and kind, yet so bitchy. She had the BEST comebacks, too! Rose rarely did anything for herself, she only ever thought of other people, especially Lissa. Rose and Lissa share a special bond. Not your average friendship bond, but an honest to goodness physic bond. Rose will be the perfect guardian for Lissa because she can gauge Lissa's moods, emotions and thoughts. Rose was an awesome narrator. Her witty humour had be laughing constantly and left me wanting more!

Lissa was a shy little character. After her and Rose are dragged back to the Academy, Lissa was very lonely. As Rose gets caught up in her extra training sessions, Lissa is struggling to deal with her feelings and the constant pressure to be perfect. Lissa has to keep secrets, too. Not from Rose, obviously, but from everyone. No one can help her through her down times because no one understands. I felt so sorry for Lissa. When we got to see what went on in her head through Rose and their bond, it was terrifying. I did like Lissa as a character because even though she was struggling through everything she was still strong and was constantly worrying about Rose and others, but hardly ever herself. Rose and Lissa were perfect, they never looked after themselves, but looked after each other.

Dimitri. Ahh, yes, Dimitri. You aren't a very big part of the story in the first book, which I enjoyed. Vampire Academy was very full on, and I loved that! There was no time for Rose to think about boys and relationships. Dimitri was in the book, but he wasn’t a huge character. There were other pressing issues in the book that Mead focused on. But as I am writing this review, I am up to the fourth book, so my view on Dimitri is a little different. Dimitri was amazing! He was such a strong, admirable character. Everything was business for him and he was constantly risking his life to protect others. He was so lovely. He even tried to protect Rose from her own feelings, which is kind of insane. Dimitri was so sweet when he wasn't in work guardian mode, but he was just as likable when he was. In general Dimitri was such a wonderful character and I loved him very much!!! Team Dimitri!

The story was insane!! The ending, oh my goodness, I was breathless. My heart was in my throat! I was so nervous for Rose, Lissa, Christian and Dimitri. I never thought I could feel so connected with the characters. My heart was racing when Rose’s was, I was laughing when the characters were and I was cringing and just about fighting when Rose and Dimitri were. It was perfect. I felt as though I was in the novel.
Gosh, this was a fabulous book that I would recommend to everyone. I know I am a bit late reading these, but I am so glad I did!!! 

A MASSIVE thank you to Maeghan who let me the first two books, love you! :*

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