Friday, September 14, 2012

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy #4) by Richelle Mead

Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 
Four/five stars!

Unfortunately, school began to get between me and reading, so it looks like it took me FOREVER to read this, but really, I just didn’t have time. Although, I must admit, Blood Promise wasn’t as good as the first three in the series, but it still left me in shock during parts of the book. Blood Promise had my heart racing and breaking throughout the entire book. Richelle Mead has managed to grace us with yet another brilliant book in the Vampire Academy series.
Rose is on the run yet again. This time she is by herself and could potentially get killed. She embarks on an exciting, but dangerous trip to Russia. Basically, Rose is on a destructive path. She knows that she could get killed but she is looking for answers and for her one true love, Dimitri. Rose makes and meets friends and unfortunately, but unavoidably, enemies. She learns new truths about her family, culture and bondmate. I fell in love with Rose all over again, even if she made the STUPIDEST mistakes and I just wanted to kill her. I also fell in love with all the new and old characters along the way. Especially Adrian! SPOILER Strangely enough, Dimitri didn’t really do anything for me this time around. He was too creepy :(
Rose was unbelievably strong yet again in Blood Promise. She was faced with impossible problems and situations but managed to overcome her fear and sometimes love. Rose is one of the best female protagonists in YA, still, even though Blood Promise was published in 2009! I loved her wit and humour; even in the toughest situations she was able to make some sort of joke. Yes, Rose did show signs of weakness, sadly, but she EVENTUALLY came to her senses, realised what she had to do and made a plan! Rose is a fictional character, I know, but I was still so proud of her. She left her best friend, her bond mate, and went to find her love, only to be bitterly disappointed, but she tried and she tried and she tried. So proud of you, Rose.
Dimitri, oh god. He was a horror. He showed signs of the old, dhampir Dimitri, but only sometimes, and still that wasn’t enough. He was completely different. I was so shocked and felt very sorry for Rose. Dimitri practically led her on the entire book. I was so sad. He was so different.
I also felt sorry for Lissa. Her best friend left her and the Royal Court was onto her AND she was given a new guardian, then all the issues with Avery, the partying and the embarrassment. She was struggling through so much and only really needed her best friend.
Avery, Reed (her brother) and Simon (her guardian) were interesting. I was wary about them from the beginning because Avery was introduced to Lissa almost like she was going to be Rose’s replacement. In the end, my suspicious were confirmed though. Geez, they were all so creepy.
Adrian, aww little Adrian. In the other books I wasn’t really much of an Adrian fan because of, well, Dimitri, but in this book Adrian really came through. He helped Rose in the beginning, and then helped Lissa; he didn’t want to be Rose’s replacement or a new Christian to Lissa, he just wanted to be her friend and help her. He really was quite amazing and I loved him. Especially at the end, he was just as hilarious!!

The ending left me in shock and I was a mess. God, my night was terrible, the Cowboy's were losing the footy and the ending to Blood Promise almost killed me.
Even though it looks like it took me forever to read this book, it didn’t! It grabbed me and had me thinking about it constantly. I loved Blood Promise a lot, and went out straight away to borrow Spirit Bound.

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