Friday, August 10, 2012

No Such Thing as Forever (Girl Heart Boy #1) by Ali Cronin

No Such Thing as Forever by Ali Cronin
★ ★ ☆ 
Three/five stars

No Such Thing as Forever was a typical, average YA Contemporary book. It wasn’t anything exciting or special. The main character was stupid and immature. It took me a while to read this. I wish I enjoyed it more.

Sarah is like most clichéd YA girls. She has a solid group of friends, girls and boys, and is a man hater. Until one moment, when she is swept of her feet by someone she hardly knows during a holiday with her family at the beach. This boy, Joe, lives in London and is in university. Sarah is still in school and lives in Brighton. Hmm, see a problem? After the holiday, Sarah goes back to school like a whole new person! She is no longer Sarah the man hater virgin; she is Sarah with a long-distance boyfriend. Of course, naturally, her friends are all exciting for her and interested at first, until Sarah is verging on the point of obsessed. Joe is all she thinks about! This is where Sarah turns completely stupid. More stupid than before, is that possible? She ditches her friends for a boy; a summer fling. A boy who is an ass, who just wants her for her stupidity because she has no idea what he is doing!! Ahh! This was so frustrating! And then, enter Ollie, perfect best friend and typical man whore. Ollie calls her flower… so Sarah isn’t it obvious? No, it wasn’t obvious, not to her. This book was just a silly, short, typical YA contemp. The story line was obvious and non-eventful.

The characters… Well. As you have probably gathered, I did not like Sarah. She was silly, annoying, whiny and immature. She could not see what Joe was doing, she did not understand her friends’ opinions on Joe and she could not see how obvious Ollie was being, until it was practically shoved in her face. I hated Joe. He was awful and a dick and he should not be allowed to treat innocent women like that; women that generally like him. Sarah’s friends weren’t actually too bad. They cared about Sarah and they tried to warn her. I like Ollie and I felt sorry for him. Sarah didn’t deserve him; she was rude and hot headed. Ollie was sweet Ollie; he deserved a girl who actually cared about him.

This book was average. Not good, not bad. Just… okay. I didn’t like the characters very much and the story line was predictable. I wish I enjoyed this more. I might read the next book;  Ash’s story.

Thanks to Penguin Books Australia and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book!!

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