Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Once (Eve #2) by Anna Carey

Once by Anna Carey

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 

Four/ five stars
I bought Once ages ago but only got around to reading it recently. As some other reviewers have said, this year there has been some issues with sequels. Because of this, I was nervous about reading Once. Fortunately, I was extremely pleased with Once. It was a worthy sequel to the brilliant novel that was Eve.

After discovering the women's only establishment called Califia, Eve is finally safe. Unfortunately, the cost of safety was being forced to leave Caleb. When they split, Eve was well aware of Caleb's health and wellbeing. He was seriously wounded and could potentially die. When Eve hears news of Caleb's whereabouts, she sets out to attempt a runaway from Califia, only to be trapped and captured by the all the King’s horses and all the Kings men King's army and brought to the City of Sand. In the city, horrible family secrets are revealed. But when she discovers Caleb is alive, could Eve use her family's position to help Caleb and assist in a runaway? Will Eve be able to flee? What is the cost of their love?

As I said before, I thought Once was a worthy sequel to Eve. It was fast paced and action packed, not lacking in anything at all. Saying that, I couldn't bring myself to give Once 5 stars because, although I loved it, I didn't think it was quite as perfect and beautiful as Eve

Eve went down a bit in badassness in Once. She didn't need to fight and defend her life as much in this one, so I guess the bad ass scale was different. But when the need to be bad ass arose, Eve was definitely up to the challenge. I loved Eve's determination, devotion and passion. She was focused on helping Caleb, no matter what the cost. I admired Eve's character in both the first and second novels. 

I loved Caleb in this one! In Eve, Caleb and Eve were hesitant and in unfamiliar territory with each other, but in Once they were used to each other and comfortable. I loved how Caleb was not afraid to admit he was in love with Eve and how much she meant to him. I also really liked how he didn’t play her off as weak and dependent. He was well aware that Eve could hold her own in a fight and didn’t rely entirely him. Most of all, I enjoyed Caleb’s attitude.

I absolutely loved Once! It was action packed, romantic, heart pounding, and a perfect sequel to Eve. Once was full of secrets and questions that left me on the edge of my seat! After that ending, I am anxiously awaiting the release of Rise, the third and final book in the Eve trilogy!