Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Five/five stars

I started this book at around 7:30pm. I decided to read an e-book because it is definitely easier to read than a paper book when painting my nails! I am now writing this review at 1am and I'm emotionally drained. Hopeless was a punch RIGHT in the feels. My eyes are tired but my brain is in overdrive. I'm completely speechless. Colleen Hoover has done it again.

After being home-schooled all her life, Sky begs her adoptive mother for a change at a public school. When she finds out her best friend Six is leaving as an exchange student right in time for the beginning of their senior year, Sky realises she's going to be all alone. At the grocery shop after her first day at school, Sky meets Dean Holder. When Holder shows a sudden interest in Sky she realises that she might not be so alone after all. But what life ruining secrets is he keeping?

This book really was exceptional. The plot was unbelievably well executed. It was well thought out, clever and rather shocking. For me, the plot climax came out of nowhere. It surprised and shocked me. I especially loved that. Sometimes plot points can be too easy to spot and way too predictable. The entire book was made a whole lot better because of the fact the writing was incredible. Hoover definitely has a wonderful way with words. The thing I really liked was the characters. The two main characters, Sky and Holder, each had a very interesting, mysterious back story that gave so much substance to the story and the characters themselves. There was only one thing I didn’t particularly like about Hopeless: I sometimes found Holder to be a bit of a dick. He could be commanding and controlling and he had a huge ego. Apart from those sore points, he was actually a very good character. (Holder was definitely not as amazing and perfect and Will from Slammed and Point of Retreat).

I found Sky to be one of the best characters I have read in YA for a while. She was tough, very emotional but in a good way and strong willed. When things started getting hard for Sky and the truth started to come out she didn’t bottle it up. She screamed and she carried on and she cried. Her character was so real. I felt everything she felt and it ripped through me. Even though Sky was very strong she still had her weak moments and that’s what made her so real. I absolutely loved Sky and I seriously wish she was my friend, because she was awesome.

Now, from all the reviews I’ve been reading, Holder is the new love interest. He’s hot, sexy and everything a girl wants. Unfortunately, I fall into the minority that didn’t exactly love Holder. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Holder, I really, really did, it’s just that I didn’t think he was that lovely. He was kind of controlling and I didn’t particularly like that. There were lots of good things about Holder though, like the fact that he was patient (to an extent), deep, emotional and he had lots of real feelings. That’s the thing about this book. It was very real. I found Holder to be a good character. I liked him, but he wasn’t my favourite male character in YA.

I absolutely bloody loved Slammed and Point Of Retreat, therefore making me totally ecstatic to read Hopeless. I am so happy to say that Hopeless did not at all disappoint me. It kept me glued to the pages and made me stay up til the earlier hours of the morning. Hopeless was beautifully executed with real characters and a breathtaking yet heartbreaking romance. My FEELS still hurt, several weeks after reading this book. Oh my God, everybody should read this book. Right. Now!

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